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Targeted training of specialists

In accordance with the order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 186 dated April 26, 2024, in 2024 the college is recruiting on the basis of targeted training of specialists in the following specialties on the basis of general basic education:

  1. 5-04-0713-09 “Production of micro- and nanoelectronics products”:
    – 12 places ( for JSC INTEGRAL – the management company of the INTEGRAL holding);
  2. specialty 5-04-0713-06 “Technical operation of electronic devices”:
    – 6 places (of which 4 are for JSC INTEGRAL – the management company of the INTEGRAL holding, 2 – for OJSC “Vityaz”)
  3. specialty 5-04-0713-05 “Production of electronic devices”:
    – 2 places (for JSC “Rudensk”);
  4. specialty 5-04-0612-02 “Development and maintenance of information systems software”:
    – 2 places ( of which 1 – for the branch “Vitebsk Electric Networks” of RUE “Vitebskenergo”, 1 – for OJSC “AMKADOR” – the holding management company).

A separate competition is held for these places.

Those wishing to participate in the competition for places intended for secondary specialized education under the conditions of targeted training must contact the administration the above organizations in order to conclude an agreement on targeted training of a specialist.

When concluding an agreement for applicants under the age of 18, the written consent of one of the legal representatives of the applicant is required.

Have a passport with you (both the applicant and the legal representative of the applicant).