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Cookie Policy

1. Cookies (English cookies ) are a text file saved in the browser of the computer (mobile device) of the official user website of the Minsk Radio Engineering College (hereinafter referred to as the site) when visiting it to reflect the actions taken. This file allows you to avoid re-entering or selecting the same parameters when you visit the site again, for example, when choosing a site display language.

The purpose of processing cookies is to ensure the convenience of site users and improve the quality of its functioning.

Minsk Radio Engineering College does not transfer cookies to third parties and does not use them to identify personal data subjects.

2. The following types of cookies are processed on the site:

  • functional – allow you to provide an individual experience of using the site and are installed in response to the actions of the subject of personal data;
  • statistical – allow you to store the history of visits to website pages in order to improve the quality of its functioning, in order to determine the most and least popular pages.

3. Cookies processed on the site and their storage periods:

  • setting cookies (functional), stored for no more than a year;
  • choosing a version for the visually impaired (functional), some of which are stored while using the site, and the rest for no more than a day;
  • selection of language preferences (functional), stored for no more than a year;
  • necessary for the functioning of web analytical platforms Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrica (statistical), installed on the server of the Minsk Radio Engineering college and are not transferred to third parties; Some cookies are stored during use of the site, and the rest for no more than a year.

Users can accept or reject all cookies processed on the site, except for the necessary ones, which are used by the core of the site management system. They are necessary for the normal operation of certain areas of the site management system, and also allow you to distribute the load on servers, ensure the security and protection of the site. Cookies in this category include both session cookies and persistent cookies. Without these files, the site management system does not work properly or does not work.

At the same time, correct operation of the site is possible only if functional cookies are used. If you disable them, you may need to reselect your cookie preferences, as versions of pages for the visually impaired may not display correctly.

Disabling statistical cookies does not allow us to determine the preferences of site users, including the most and least popular pages, and take measures to improve the operation of the site based on user preferences.

4. In addition to the cookie settings on the website, data subjects can accept or reject the collection of all or some cookies in their browser settings.

However, some browsers allow you to visit websites in incognito mode to limit the amount of information stored on your computer and automatically delete session cookies. In addition, the data subject may delete previously stored cookies by selecting the appropriate option in the browser history.

More information about cookie management options can be found by following the external links that lead to the corresponding pages on the websites of the major browsers:

Microsoft Edge
Yandex. Metrica
Google Analytics