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Victory at the city review of innovative and technical creativity of students and employees of special education institutions
Изображение №1
Изображение №1
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Изображение №2
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Изображение №3

In order to intensify work to attract talented youth to scientific and technical creativity, identify and support talented and gifted youth and the activities of technical interest associations, the Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth held a city review of innovative and technical creativity of students from March 12 to 14 employees of secondary specialized education institutions.

College teachers and students presented their works at the review. A total of 26 works were presented, of which 23 projects by students and teaching staff of the college won diplomas. 1st degree diplomas awarded to 6 projects, 2nd degree diplomas to 7 projects, 3rd degree diplomas to 10 projects.

Name of the exhibit

Author (developer)

Diplomas 1st degree awarded to:

Interactive information display

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Ignatius Aleksandrovich Kurlyansky

FacePass: Smart access control

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Askerko Maxim Olegovich

Shadow Mode: virtualization of learning through the camera

Askerko Maxim Olegovich, Kochneva Victoria Nikolaevna, Sudbina Daria Cheslavovna, Shalak Daria Yuryevna, Bondarevich Ksenia Igorevna

Universal information display using e-PAPER technology

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Surin Matvey Igorevich

Universal control system for household appliances using an infrared channel

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Glusskaya Anastasia Ilyinichna

Creation of a three-dimensional avatar for gaming characters

Salnikova Elena Aleksandrovna, Karpovich Daria Valerievna, Konchanin Victoria Iosifovna, Kasperovich Egor Dmitrievich, Kokhovets Vladislav Aleksandrovich.

Diplomas 2 degrees awarded:

Training complex for studying programming of embedded systems based on the STM32 microcontroller

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Stolyar Ilya Vitalievich

Soil condition monitoring system for growing plants

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Vasilevskaya Nina Ivanovna, Vzhos Daria Ivanovna

Indoor humidity monitoring and control system

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Kozlova Margarita Dmitrievna

Feed rate measurement system

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Kleymenov Vladislav Olegovich

Musical Tesla Coil SSTC

Boiko Daria Anatolyevna, Kalosha Andrey Fedorovich

Hardware and software complex for monitoring and controlling an industrial facility

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Volkov Alexander Valerievich

Three-dimensional modeling of residential interiors

Karpovich Daria Valerievna, Konchanin Victoria Iosifovna, Gudeev Maxim Gennadievich, Gerasimov Roman Sergeevich, Nalivaiko Nikita Vadimovich, Obergan Valeria Sergeevna.

Diplomas 3 degrees awarded:

Miniature computer in the keyboard

Valuiko Vadim Vitalievich

Electronic assistant for career guidance using artificial intelligence

Salnikova Elena Aleksandrovna, Karpovich Daria Valerievna, Konchanin Victoria Iosifovna, Krasev Matvey Sergeevich, Pirogov Denis Vladimirovich, Ulyanova Maria Konstantinovna.

Interactive map of the city’s museums. Minsk with a mobile application

Gavrilenko Valeria Sergeevna, Ivonchik Anastasia Yurievna.

Complex of automated monitoring of radiation and chemical conditions

Benediktovich Igor Viktorovich, Rubatsky Artyom Alekseevich, Ryabtsev Maxim Sergeevich.

Energy monitoring system with mobile application

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Molodtsova Polina Sergeevna

Eye trainer

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Butko Vladislav Pavlovich, Shcherbakov Yan Pavlovich

Programming and control system for LED panels

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Denisov Alexey Alexandrovich

Device for remote control of the heating system

Andreychuk Alexander Olegovich, Zhigalko Timur Vitalievich

LED lamp

Richko Natalya Demyanovna, Butakov Ivan Alekseevich

Night light “Light art”

Gordeyuk Anastasia Vladimirovna, Stepanov Vladislav Mikhailovich, Tisevich Nikita Yurievich

Congratulations and thanks for the work of the students and their leaders!