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26.04.2024 #college_life 584
Meeting with the first female cosmonaut of Belarus Marina Vasilevskaya
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

On April 26, students of the Minsk Radio Engineering College took part in a meeting with the first female cosmonaut of Belarus, Marina Vasilevskaya.

The guys visited the Academy of Sciences, where a dialogue platform was held with Marina Vitalievna Vasilevskaya.

As part of the dialogue platform, a meeting was held with the first cosmonaut of sovereign Belarus Marina Vasilevskaya, her backup Anastasia Lenkova and the deputy head of the department of aerospace activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, curator of the space flight project Ivan Bucha. At the beginning of the event, each of the speakers spoke about their impressions of the completed project, the subtleties, difficulties and experiences that arose. After which a conversation with the audience took place in question-answer format.