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30.04.2024 #college_life 563
City stage of the republican tournament "BrainBattle"
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

On April 25, the city stage of the republican tournament “BrainBattle” took place at the educational institution “Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth”.
More than 20 teams from secondary specialized education institutions took part.

Representatives of the team of the Minsk Radio Engineering College:
Nikita Murygin (gr. 1K9291)
Nikolay Bondarev (gr. 2K9393)
Egor Myslivchik (gr. 3K9393)
Margarita Kichigina (gr. 0K9393)
Irina Strupovets (gr. 2K9392)

The guys took 6th place!!!