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Republican youth project “100 ideas for Belarus”
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

11.28.2023 at 12.00 – viewing of projects of students of MRK, competence center, room. 115.

From the regulations on the Republican youth project “ 100 ideas for Belarus ”:

P. 2.2. The author's project must be presented in demonstration form (presentation, video, layout, handouts, samples, etc.). Materials must describe the project as clearly as possible, its relevance, novelty and originality, goals and objectives that will be solved during the implementation of the project, as well as the technical (economic, social) advantages of the project.

P.2.3. The following criteria for evaluating projects are used:

  • the relevance of the stated topic and the practical significance of the work;
  • reality of project implementation;
  • novelty of the idea;
  • modernity, innovative approaches to solving the stated problem;
  • clarity and logical validity in setting goals and objectives of an innovative project (research) and clarity of ways to achieve them;
  • originality of the author's concepts and practical recommendations.

To participate in viewing projects on November 28, 2023, please register by November 27, 2023 at 10:00 am using the link:

We invite everyone who has creative ideas to take part in the project!

Please note that both college students and all employees aged 14 to 31 can take part in the project.