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We invite you to participate in the competition “Every time has its heroes”
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

We invite you to participate in the competition!

The republican competition “Every time has its own heroes” has started, which will be held from January to March 2024 as part of the republican decade of civil and patriotic affairs “Afghanistan in the forests of our fellow countrymen.”


  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Republican Center for Ecology and Local History;
  • Belarusian Union of Veterans of the War in Afghanistan.

The competition is aimed at developing in students love for their Motherland, their people, respect and deep appreciation for the heroism and courage of previous generations.


  • “We are proud of them and remember them”;
  • “Afghan War – Living Memory”;
  • “Memory lives in creativity.”

Participants must register on the “” platform ( ) in the “Event Poster” module before February 20, 2023 and attach a competitive work.

The conditions of the competition are posted on the website .
Additional information: 80173200633,, resource center for patriotic education of students of the Republican Center for Ecology and local history.