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City review of innovative and technical creativity
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

We invite students and teachers of the college to take part in the city review of innovative and technical creativity of students and employees of SSO institutions.

Students and teachers of the IRC traditionally take part in the competition and show good results. Thus, in 2022, out of 26 submitted works, 24 works were recognized as winners, in 2023, out of 16 projects, 13 were recognized as winners.

Exhibits of innovative and technical creativity are presented at the city review in accordance with the classifier in the following categories: electronics, radio engineering, robotics, instrument engineering, production technologies, mechanical engineering, prototyping, construction, transport, devices for transport maintenance, teaching aids, agriculture, energy and energy-saving technology, consumer goods, industrial design, modeling, art object, landscape design, interior items, design developments, utilitarian items, furniture, entertaining science, freestyle.

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