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30.08.2023 #announcements 967
🔔Minsk Radio Engineering College welcomes first-year students
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

❗️Dear first-year students and their parents, we invite you to take part in the celebrations
🔔 September 1, 2023, dedicated to Knowledge Day!

🔔 September 1 at
⏰8:10, 1st year students meet with the curators of study groups in the courtyard of the Minsk Radio Engineering College.
Together with the curator of the study group, the guys centrally enter the college building and disperse by audience, according to the schedule.
⏰8:30 A single lesson:
"Belarus and I are a dialogue of peace and creation."

⏰11:00 Solemn line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge.
(Assembly Hall of BSUIR,
P. Brovki, 4)

➡️As part of the program, there will be an initiation ceremony for students of the Minsk Radio Engineering College, a festive concert, as well as a meeting with the leadership of the university and the college, leaders of youth organizations of RTOs.

Waiting for you!