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01.09.2023 #news 2899
Distribution of students in the 2023/2024 academic year

The distribution of college students graduating from 2024 will take place on November 9, 2023 and February 15, 2024 in accordance with the director’s order dated September 21, 2023 No. 157 and the work schedule of the distribution commission. и 15 февраля 2024 года согласно приказа директора от 21.09.2023 №157 и графика работы комиссии по распределению.

Graduates are distributed in accordance with the specialty received (direction of specialty, specialization) and assigned qualifications, taking into account the applications for training submitted to the educational institution by the organizations – customers of personnel and the interaction agreements concluded with organizations – customers of personnel.

The base organization has a priority right to satisfy its need for specialists with secondary specialized education. After satisfying the needs for specialists, workers (employees) of organizations that order personnel, graduates are distributed in accordance with the specialty received and assigned qualifications to other organizations based on their written requests.

Written requests from organizations that order personnel and other organizations about the distribution of specific graduates to them in accordance with the specialty received (specialty area, specialization) and assigned qualifications are satisfied if:

requests came from organizations in which these graduates completed internships;

there are no places of work in accordance with the training applications submitted to the educational institution by organizations – customers of personnel, agreements on interaction concluded with organizations – customers of personnel, written requests from other organizations.

Graduates are also sent to work as workers in accordance with the rank and qualifications obtained during the training period.

The distribution commission includes the director, deputy directors for areas, heads of departments, chairmen of the Central Committee, and representatives of the college’s personnel service.

The commission makes a decision on the placement of a graduate taking into account:

  • academic results;

  • participation in research and social work;

  • places of industrial and pre-diploma internship;

  • state of health, marital status and place of residence of the family;

  • recommendations from the educational institution on the most appropriate placement of a graduate to work;

  • his personal wishes.