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19.03.2024 #news 652
World Social Work Day
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

Every year on the third Tuesday of March, World Social Work Day is celebrated.

The main task of social work is to ensure a certain level and quality of life for citizens through a system of social support and protection measures.

Support for the older generation and people with disabilities is the hope for every person that if they find themselves in a similar situation, they will not be left alone with their problem. This is a solution to the most important problem of insecurity and helplessness that any person can face in their life. And supporting children and families is hope and the key to the future of the state. It is no coincidence that the law places such social institutions as motherhood, fatherhood and childhood under the protection of the state.

We sincerely congratulate social work specialists with the population, thank you for your work and the love for society that you bring to people who need your support.