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18.10.2023 #news 839 1 мин
🚀 New college website: ready for innovation? 🌐
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Изображение №1

Congratulations! You are already on the updated version of the site!

🚀 We are pleased to announce the start of beta testing of the new college website ! 🌟

What's new on the site?

  1. 🎨 Modern design that matches the latest trends in web development. 🎉
  2. 🧭 Redesigned menu structure. 📚
  3. 📅 Ability to view schedules for the previous month using a convenient calendar. 🗓️
  4. 📢 Updated platform for news and announcements , making the process of publishing and reading news even more convenient. 📰

Intrigued? We invite you to join beta testing ! 🤩👩‍💻👨‍💻📣