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27.04.2024 #safety_corner 800 1 мин
How to avoid becoming a victim of cyber scammers, the police told
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Изображение №1

Recently, there has been an increase in crimes committed on Instagram.

The fraudulent scheme is as follows: attackers create fake advertising accounts or publish advertisements about the profitable provision of a service or the sale of a product. A surge in such crimes is usually recorded on the eve of the holidays. Thus, before the New Year, criminals actively offer to purchase Christmas trees and decorations at a price significantly lower than the market price. By the way, an excessively low cost of a product is one of the main signs of a fraudulent scheme.

A fraudulent account, as a rule, does not last long, there are few posts in the feed, and there may be no comments or reviews at all. In this case, the account can have from 10 to 20 thousand subscribers.

The police recommend refraining from online payments related to prepayment and transfer of deposits for goods and services, in the absence of reliable information that sellers and representatives of online stores are who they claim to be.