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Manufacturing of electronic devices

About the specialty

Specialty code 5-04-0713-05
Entrance tests average score competition for educational document
Specialist qualification technical technician
Form of education day-time
Duration of training ABOUT: 3 years 10 months
Issuing cycle commission Production and operation of electronic devices

Specificity and relevance

The specialty “Production of Electronic Devices” occupies a leading place among radio engineering specialties. Technological technicians of this specialty are professionals in the field of radio engineering, electronic systems and complexes and are trained for research, design and development activities. Graduates have a wide arsenal of knowledge, practical skills and competencies that allow them to design and manufacture radio-electronic devices and systems of various purposes and complexity, and computer equipment.

What will you learn?

Training of specialists in the specialty “Production of Electronic Devices” is carried out on the basis of academic subjects of the general education component, including the school curriculum for grades 10-11, which covers the first year of study. Also general technical and circuit engineering modules, including such subjects as:

  • Engineering graphics
  • Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering
  • Standardization and certification
  • Radio engineering
  • Electrical measurements
  • Analog and digital circuitry and others

And modules of the professional component “Electronic devices and systems”, “Design and production of electronic devices”, which include the study of the following subjects:

  • Power supplies for electronic devices
  • Digital and microprocessor technology
  • Electronic device design
  • Electrical measurements
  • Electronic device production technology and others

The curriculum includes educational and practical training, as a result of which students receive a working profession.

What's next?

Graduates trained in the specialty “Production of Electronic Devices” can work at enterprises of the Republic of Belarus related to the development and production of electronic devices for various purposes; technical means and systems for measuring electrical and magnetic quantities, measuring transducers, data collection tools, microprocessor information processing tools; measuring and computing tools for quality control and diagnostics of materials.

Places of employment for graduates: