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Trade union organization of students of the branch of the educational institution BSUIR "Minsk Radio Engineering College"
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general information

The Students' Trade Union is a public organization created to protect the socio-economic, legal and other interests of students, capable of solving problems and representing the interests of its members on all issues of education, work, life, health and recreation at the highest level.

The main ideas and objectives of the student trade union organization are:

  • implementation of the statutory tasks of the Trade Union for the representation and protection of the rights and interests of students;

  • combining efforts and coordinating the actions of members of the Trade Union to achieve the common goals of the Trade Union and the trade union organization;

  • public control over the implementation in college of legislative and regulatory acts relating to benefits and rights of students (creation and development of a social protection system for students);

  • improving the financial situation of students, strengthening their health and raising their standard of living;

  • information support for students – members of the Trade Union;

  • promotion of comprehensive personal development, satisfaction of spiritual needs and interests of members of the Trade Union;

  • organization of admission to the Trade Union and registration of members of the Trade Union, as well as much more.

The workshop committee of MRK students deals with various issues in the lives of students, for example:

  • provides financial assistance to students who need it;

  • works with all categories of socially vulnerable students (orphans, disabled people, low-income, single-parent families, etc.);

  • takes part in the distribution of places in the dormitory and the check-in of students;

  • monitors, controls and promotes improvement of living conditions in the hostel;

  • provides legal assistance on issues of education, work, life, recreation, etc.;

  • organizes and conducts sports and cultural events;

  • provides assistance in finding permanent or part-time work for students, summer employment.

The trade union committee is a collegial body for the operational management of the activities of a trade union organization. The highest organization is the Belarusian Trade Union of Education and Science Workers, which operates on the basis of the charter.

If you are active and you are concerned about existing problems, come to the Trade Union. This is a great opportunity to gain experience working with people, self-realization, realize your organizational skills and spend time usefully for yourself and others.

Rights and obligations of trade union members

Any student who recognizes the Charter of the Trade Union and regularly pays membership fees can be a member of the Trade Union.

Admission to membership of the Trade Union is carried out on an individual basis based on the personal application of the applicant. The date of admission to the Trade Union is the date of submission of the application to the trade union committee of the primary trade union organization. A member of the Trade Union is issued a union card of a single sample and is issued a Trade Union member registration card, which is stored in the trade union committee.

A member of the Trade Union has the right:

  • for the protection by the Trade Union of its labor and socio-economic rights and legitimate interests;

  • take part in the development, decision-making, receive information about the activities of the Trade Union;

  • to elect and be elected as a delegate to trade union conferences and elected trade union bodies;

  • attend meetings of the elected body of the Trade Union when discussing issues affecting its interests;

  • receive free legal assistance and advice from trade union bodies on issues within the competence of the Trade Union;

  • use the social assistance fund of the Trade Union, if necessary, receive financial assistance from trade union funds (material assistance is provided to the student once a calendar year, in exceptional cases twice a year);

  • for encouragement for a special contribution to the development of the trade union movement;

  • voluntarily leave the Trade Union on the basis of a personal statement.

A member of the Trade Union is obliged...

  • observe the Charter of the Trade Union and participate in the work of the Trade Union;

  • pay membership fees in a timely manner and in the prescribed amount;

  • take care of the authority of the Trade Union, prevent actions that damage it.

Joining the organization

Why join?

Are you interested in student life? Do you like communicating with people? Do you like to have a good and fun holiday? Do you want to influence the educational process and hope for support when problems arise in studying, living in a dormitory, etc.? The trade union organization of MRK students will help you realize these desires.

To join the trade union organization of students of the branch of the educational institution BSUIR "Minsk Radio Engineering College" it is necessary to fill out an application of a certain sample in the Trade Union Committee of Students (office 227).

The monthly membership fee is:

  • for budget education – 1% of the scholarship;

  • for paid education – 1% of the base value.

For the budget form of education, contributions are deducted automatically from the scholarship. For paid training, fees are collected according to statements by trade unionists of groups.

To obtain a union card and registration card, 2 photographs are required. The registration card of each member of the Trade Union must be filled out (based on the student’s personal application to join the trade union) in full accordance with the columns specified in it and signed by a member of the Trade Union and the chairman of the trade union committee (his deputy). The registration cards of the Trade Union members are stored in the trade union committee.

Upon graduation or expulsion from college, union members must be removed from the union register. When deregistered from the trade union (signing bypass sheets), a member of the Trade Union receives a registration card in hand. A note about deregistration from the trade union is made on the registration card or trade union card.

The registration cards of those members of the Trade Union who dropped out of college, but were not removed from the trade union register, are retained until former members of the Trade Union apply for them, but no more than one year. At the end of this period, unclaimed cards are destroyed. When a Trade Union member moves from one Trade Union to another, the trade union card does not change. If expelled from the Trade Union, the trade union card is surrendered.

The organizational and information trade union commission is responsible for registering students of members of the Trade Union, storing and processing their registration cards and applications, and admitting students who have expressed a desire to join the Trade Union into the Trade Union.