About the division

Address: 220113, Minsk, str. Lomonosova, 5
(Soviet district.)
Telephone: 373-48-12 - time, education.

Dormitory fee

From 01.01.2023:

  • students - 11.10 rubles. per month

  • students - 12.80 rubles. per month






All information

Detailed information


In order to ensure conditions for the normal life of students, carrying out educational work with them in the hostel, there are:

  • 8 kitchens with electric stoves and sinks

  • 4 hygiene rooms

  • 6 toilets and 2 shower rooms

  • laundry room

  • household room

  • carpentry workshop

  • Assembly hall for 100 seats

  • Gym

Hostel self-management

Educational work in a hostel is built on the basis of legal documents regulating activities in the field of education.

The dormitory self-government commission operates in the hostel:

  1. Markov Edgar Vasilyevich
    student of group 0K9591 - chairman of the self-government commission
  2. Polyn Dmitry Konstantinovich
    student of group 0K9191 - headman of the 4th floor
  3. Viktorovich Anton Vitalievich
    student of group 0K9591 - warden of the 5th floor, representative of the sports sector
  4. Dovnar Maria Dmitrievna
    student of group 0K9591 - headman of the 2nd floor, representative of the cultural and mass sector
  5. Stambrovskaya Anastasia Sergeevna
    student of group 9K9393 - representative of the editorial board