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Accessible environment

Accessible College Environment

The BSUIR branch “Minsk Radio Engineering College” provides an accessible environment in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated November 21, 2022 No. 796 “On ensuring an accessible environment for people with disabilities.”

The class schedule is adapted to the needs of college students with disabilities. Classrooms in which students with disabilities can study are located no higher than the 1st floor.

To receive situational assistance when visiting an educational institution, a person with a disability must first notify the responsible employees of the educational institution about his visit. When applying, you must indicate the nature and extent of the required situational assistance. To provide situational assistance, responsible employees have been identified who are trained in techniques and methods of providing situational assistance to persons with disabilities:

Availability of Internet resources

The site can be operated in a mode for the visually impaired;
the ability to fully use the site using a keyboard (without a mouse);
maintaining contrast, sans-serif fonts, the use of italic fonts and underlining is unacceptable; use of standard settings “Font size”, “Background color”;
presence of text explanations also for additional buttons and information entry fields;
no pop-up windows;
compliance with the logical structure of the resource and uniformity in the arrangement of navigation elements on all pages of the Internet site.