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Student Distribution

On November 9, 2023, the college hosted the distribution of young specialists completing their studies in 2024.

The distribution of students was carried out on the basis of Chapter 8 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education, the Regulations on the procedure for distribution, redistribution, assignment to work, reassignment to work, provision of work for graduates who have received scientifically oriented, higher, secondary specialized or vocational education, approved by resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated August 31, 2022 No. 572 .

Graduates were distributed in accordance with the specialty received and the qualifications assigned, taking into account the training applications submitted to the educational institution by organizations - customers of personnel and agreements on interaction concluded with organizations - customers of personnel.

Graduates were also sent to work as workers in accordance with the rank and qualifications obtained during the training period.

The distribution committee included the director, deputy director for industrial training, heads of departments, chairmen of the Central Committee, and representatives of the college’s personnel service.

As official representatives from employers (base organizations), the most active participation was taken by representatives of the security departments of the city of Minsk (8 departments), representatives of OJSC Integral - the management company of the Integral holding, LLC NPP Contact Module, NIUP ICT Horizon ", JSC "Peleng".

All young specialists completing their studies in 2024 were given the opportunity to choose a place of work according to the established procedure, according to applications received from employers.

The students were assigned to basic organizations: OJSC Integral - the management company of the Integral holding, Security Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk, Minsk Central Customs, LLC Nanotech, PUP "Electronics and Household Appliances Plant Horizon", LLC NPP Kontakt Module, LLC Vostochnye PLATY, UE ICT Horizont, OJSC Peleng, NPRUP BelGISS, OJSC Rudensk, as well as other organizations based on their written requests.

In the future, students will undergo pre-diploma industrial practice at the place of assignment.