Meeting of the military-patriotic club "Patriot" | Minsk Radioengineering College
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27.11.2023 #announcements 639
Meeting of the military-patriotic club "Patriot"

Today, in the assembly hall of the dormitory of the Minsk Radio Engineering College, a meeting of the military-patriotic club "Patriot" was held on the topic: Memorial complex "Children Victims of War", Red Beach.

During the Great Patriotic War, there was a children's concentration camp in this place. 1990 boys and girls were sent to donate blood and slave labor for the Nazis.
Each participant in the event listened with bated breath to the history of the creation and functioning of this monstrous place.

The participants of the event were touched to the depths of their souls by what they saw, and everyone came to the conclusion that there is nothing more valuable than peace. Today it is very important to know the history of our Motherland and even more important to remember everyone to whom we owe a peaceful sky above our heads.