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29.11.2023 #announcements 746
Project “100 ideas for Belarus”

On November 28, 2023, a review of projects of participants in the educational process of the IRC took place for submission to the competition “100 ideas for Belarus”.

Authors of projects – students (Tisevich N. Yu., Stepanov V. M., Smirnov S. A., Alkhanakta U. O., Chechetkin R. A. Pirogov D. V., Tambolskaya A. S., Ulyanova M. K. Surin M. I. Poleshchuk I. S. Askerko M. O. Ivonchik A. Yu. Rubatsky A. A., Lyaver M. D. Sazanchuk E. P. Ryabtsev M. S.) and teaching staff (Valuiko V. V., Kravchenko V. A., Maslov A. A.) were recommended to take part in the regional stage of the project “100 ideas for Belarus”.

Students' projects were studied by experts from the teaching staff of the college: Naumenko Zh. N., Yakovlev A. V., Ashurkevich K. V., Voropaev I. V., Karpovich D. V., Sidorovich T. I., Skoromnaya A. B. ., who made their recommendations for strengthening projects.

We remind you of the need to register on the website until November 30, 2023 inclusive.

We wish our participants victories in the next stages of the project!