Memory and pain of the Belarusian land | Minsk Radioengineering College
29.02.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Open dialogue "Afghanistan - heroism and tragedies of the 20th century"
15.02.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Day of Remembrance of Soldiers-Internationalists
14.02.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Participation in the requiem meeting dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Internationalist Soldiers
14.02.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Dialogue platform “Afghanistan – living memory”
07.02.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Citywide dialogue platform “Children of War. Memory through the centuries"
23.01.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
As part of the Holocaust Remembrance Week, the event “Holocaust: fates, events, memory” was held in the assembly hall of the MRK dormitory.
16.01.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
"Ola - Sister Khatyn"
16.01.2024 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Exhibition "Holocaust: no right to be forgotten"
14.12.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Film "Stalag 352. Without the right to be forgotten"
09.12.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Laying flowers at the Stalag 352 monument
09.12.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Memorial service in memory of the victims of the crime of genocide
13.11.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
24.10.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Open lecture by the Prosecutor General at BSUIR
23.10.2023 #memory_and_pain_of_the_belarusian_land
Students visited the "Pit" memorial