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21.11.2023 #news 697
National Study on the Quality of Education (NIQE)

One of the expected landmark educational events in 2023 will be the conduct of the National Study of the Quality of Education (NIQE). This is a new study for the country, aimed at obtaining objective information about the state of the general basic education system for making informed management decisions.

Among the tasks of NIKO:

  • determining the level of functional literacy of students with general basic education;
  • analysis of factors associated with the level of development of students’ functional literacy;
  • identifying the compliance of educational practice with the current needs of students and their legal representatives;
  • informing the public about the quality of preparation of the younger generation for full participation in the life of society and effective solution of life problems.

The main stage of the study is testing of students, which will last one and a half hours (two 40-minute sessions with a 10-minute break).

Each NIKO participant will receive a work option containing tasks in two areas of functional literacy (reading and mathematics or natural science and financial).

The main feature of diagnostic work is its focus on testing students’ abilities to use experience gained during training sessions (mastered knowledge, skills, methods of activity) to solve life problems modeled in tasks.

When performing diagnostic work, the attention of study participants will be focused on certain life situations, requiring the use of a set of practice-oriented skills.

Up-to-date information about NIKO-2023 will be posted on the national educational portal .

Source: national educational portal .