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04.04.2024 #news 719
Изображение №1
Изображение №1

Dear citizens!

The Internal Affairs Directorate of the Administration of the Sovetsky District of Minsk reports that during the period from 04/08/2024 to 04/17/2024 a republican preventive action will be carried out on the territory of the Sovetsky District of Minsk “A home without violence!”

The purpose of the action is to involve the general population in providing assistance and assistance to government agencies in solving problems of domestic violence with the use of individual crime prevention measures against persons with antisocial behavior.

The objectives of the action are to bring to citizens information about the capabilities of government bodies and public associations in solving problems of domestic violence, the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 4, 2014 “On the basics of crime prevention activities,” as well as taking preventive measures against persons who commit domestic violence violence.

In Belarus, every third woman is subjected to violence from a partner.

– “You are afraid, ashamed, say goodbye, regret, and justify him. And domestic violence is repeated... it will continue as long as you remain silent...”

Break the silence! Stop the violence. There is a future without violence.

Support and advice from specialists can be obtained by calling the 24-hour crisis telephone information line on family and children’s problems of the State Institution “Minsk City Center for Social Services for Family and Children” for victims of domestic violence. From a landline phone at (017) 317-32-32.

If you become aware of anything about domestic violence among your relatives, friends or neighbors, please report this to the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Sovetsky District Administration of Minsk by phone. No. 292-02-02 or 102.

OOPP Department of Internal Affairs of the Administration of the Sovetsky District of Minsk.