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Programmable mobile systems

Attention! Recruitment for the specialty is no longer carried out.

About the specialty

Specialty code 2 39 03 02
Entrance tests average score competition for educational documents
Specialist qualification electronics technician
Form of education day
Duration of training ABOUT: 3 years 6 months

With us you will learn

  1. Create programs for mobile devices
  2. Develop an algorithm for the operation of a programmable system, taking into account the goal and assigned tasks
  3. Create websites, applications in programming languages
  4. Program microcontrollers for mobile electronic systems
  5. Develop and test mobile applications in modern programming languages
  6. Use modern network technologies for remote management and control of smart devices of the “smart home”

Study work

The cyclic commission “Programmable digital devices” graduates in the specialty 2-39 03 02 “Programmable mobile systems” (qualification of electronics technician) and trains students in the following disciplines of general professional and special cycles:

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Logic Design Basics
  3. Fundamentals of design and production technology of electronic computing devices
  4. Computer networks
  5. Mobile computing systems
  6. Mobile system hardware maintenance
  7. Web programming for mobile devices
  8. Programming microcontrollers for mobile systems
  9. Development of applications for mobile devices
  10. Building and testing software packages for mobile systems
  11. Structures and Databases

Laboratory, practical work and seminars are held in the laboratory on design, technical operation and maintenance of mobile systems hardware, programming of microprocessor systems and microcontrollers, at the resource center.

Practices for students
  1. Development and maintenance of software for mobile devices.

  2. To obtain the qualification of a worker "Computer operator of the 4th category."

  3. Industrial technological practice.

  4. Industrial pre-graduate practice.

The main places of distribution of graduates are IT companies residents of the Hi-Tech Park and other organizations in the IT industry. Graduates work on modern and interesting projects, using advanced achievements in the field of information technology.